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Preventative Maintenance & Inspection Services

Preventative maintenance on your overhead door and dock equipment ensures maximum equipment longevity, improves safety conditions, and generates overall cost savings. When our servicemen perform our maintenance and inspection service on your equipment, we leave no stone unturned.


  • Lubrication to all bearings, chains, rollers, hinges and counterbalance assemblies
  • Tightening or replacement of any loose or missing fasteners
  • Adjustment the counterbalance assemblies and motor operator settings (if equipped)
  • Inspection of the equipment, specifically looking for worn parts and proper operation of all parts and accessories.  If any other problems exist, we will submit a proposal to correct the problems

Maintenance and inspection service programs are available on a wide variety of other types of equipment. Pedestrian doors, gates, gate operators and mechanical dock levelers are just a few examples of products that could be covered under our maintenance and inspection service. Please call and ask if a program is available for your equipment.

We provide safe & efficient solutions with the highest level of customer satisfaction, offering 24/7 service.


  • Inspect: all equipment, rollers, cables, track and hardware, shifted slats, guides and hood, slats and end locks, reversing edge, chain hoist and operator
  • Adjust: all spring assemblies, level of door and tracking, operator clutch, limit assemblies and brake, guide anchor bolts
  • Lubricate: bearings, rollers, hinges, pivot points, chain hoist and disconnects, guides, end locks.
  • Tighten: hinges, couplings, drums, track bracket and hangs, bellmouths, hood anchor bolts, gears and sprockets, guide anchor bolts


  • Inspect: sprockets, brake solenoid, drawbar arm and hookups, bearings, disconnect linkage, ropes and hoist assemblies, v-belts, front idler
  • Adjust: clutch, limit assemblies and brakes, sprockets, hangs, brake solenoids and drive chain as needed
  • Lubricate: bearings, bushings, gear reducers

Dock Levelers

  • Inspect: hold down, structure, deck, lip, toe guards, bumpers, seals, shelters, linkage, welds, pull chain, lip and hinge tubes and cross traffic legs
  • Adjust: fasteners, rear hinges and toe guards, lip assist and hinge deck counterbalance, hold down unit, hydraulic hoses and connections
  • Lubricate/Fill: all pivot points, rear hinges, lip hinge and shaft, all hydraulic reservoirs (where applicable) linkage fasteners, cable clamps
  • Clean: dock pit (debris disposed of on site)

Truck Restraints ("Truck Locks")

  • Inspect and Lube: all moving parts including springs, electronics, hydraulics, air compression and mounting hardware where appropriate
  • Adjust and Tighten: as necessary

Crash Rated Barriers

  • Inspect: all components for wear/damage, pressure readings, and hose/fittings
  • Adjust: pressure as necessary, hinge bolts, limits, and oil levels
  • Clean: in-ground pits, drains, and power wash

Drop Testing of Fire Doors

BCC provides the required yearly drop testing of fire doors and supplies necessary documentation for clients’ compliance with city fire safety code. Violations of the inspection code can cost upwards of $500.00 per day.


shafts, treadle hoses, related controls and other related equipment