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Airport Passenger Boarding Bridge

We Are Your Partner for Passenger Boarding Bridges (Jet Bridges)

Our Passenger Boarding Bridge service line is an extension of our other business lines. We specialize in the installation, preventative maintenance, service and inspection of these critical pieces of equipment. We have resources available to support 24 hour service calls. We also have expanded our number of crews to help support large projects with tight construction schedules.

Large Scale Construction

BCC has the resources to install, fabricate and manage large scale construction projects involving PBB’s, Fixed walkways, fire stairs, security doors and bollards. This coverage is a one stop shop approach to these installs. We utilize highly qualified Project Managers to ensure schedules are communicated and met, budgets are maintained and quality assurance is ensured throughout the project. We do all of this with our customer service mindset.

PBB Service Calls

BCC has trained PBB professionals to respond to emergency service calls or regular preventative maintenance calls to support manufacturer warranty issues or normal service calls. This service assists in keeping PBB downtime to a minimum.

Preventative Maintenance

BCC is an experienced equipment maintenance organization. We have had a consistent presence at O’Hare international airport with 24 hour coverage 7 days a week for over 35 years. This experience allows us to put a maintenance plan together for our customers that minimize gate closures and delays due to equipment failure.

Passenger Boarding Bridge Refurbishment

BCC has the resources and the experience to assess older passenger boarding bridges and make recommendations on mechanical, electrical and architectural updates that should be made to extend the life of the equipment. Refurbishment offers the customer a more economical option to buying a new PBB. BCC will provide the material and the manpower to update the PBB to a more functional and safe boarding bridge for your customers.

Passenger Boarding Bridge Service
  • Construction
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance
  • Service Calls
  • Refurbishment
  • New Installations
  • Retrofits
  • Timely Repairs
  • Inspection Programs (PM&I)
  • 24/7 Service

We provide safe & efficient solutions with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, offering 24/7 service.